Why Wood Is The Most Sustainable Building Material

With all of the building materials being developed, it may come as a surprise that one of the best building materials is still wood. This is a material that is sustainable and it comes with a multitude of other benefits. Lumber as a material does not have to contribute to deforestation. Instead, companies grow their own trees to be harvested later. 

Carbon Removal

Wood is one of the best materials to grow for construction purposes. As the tree grows, it absorbs carbon dioxide. Not only is carbon dioxide removed and converted into oxygen, but the carbon that is removed from the air remains within the wood material. The carbon is removed from the atmosphere for the life of the wooden material. 


While there are some building materials that are limited in supply, there is virtually an inexhaustible supply of wood. Unlike other materials, wood can continue to be grown. Also, trees are a resource that can literally stand on their own. They are able to maintain themselves until they are ready to be harvested. There is actually a growing number of trees because the number of trees that are being grown is exceeding the number of trees that are harvested. 

Durability and Strength

One of the reasons why wood is used less often than other materials is because it is not viewed as being as durable as other materials. For example, it may be hard to visualize a high-rise building being constructed mostly out of wood. However, new engineering methods have made wood a more durable building material. An example of a building material that is very durable is cross laminated timber. While looking like wood, this material is as strong as steel. This material allows for loads to be transferred on all sides. This engineering method would allow for wooden buildings to be constructed that are much taller. 

Fire Resistance

Another great thing about cross laminated timber is that it functions similar to concrete when a building is on fire. The material is much more fire-resistant. The material does not burn quickly. Instead, it burns at a slow, predictable rate and provides building occupants with more time to evacuate. 

If you are concerned about sustainability, make sure to shop for wood products that are certified as being from sustainable forests. These programs require that companies comply with best practices for managing forests. As a result, the wood products will be much better for the environment.

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