5 Benefits Of Laser Cutting Metal

If your business relies on cutting metal to manufacture items, you may be considering laser cutting. In this process, a laser is used to cut the metal to the desired shape. There are many reasons to consider switching to a laser cutter, so check out these five benefits to see if getting a laser cutter is the right choice for your business.

Laser Cutting Machines Are Energy Efficient

A laser cutter is an investment in your business, and like any investment, it costs money. Depending on the type of laser cutter, you can spend up to $50,000. However, you will recoup the money on monthly energy savings because laser cutting machines are incredibly energy efficient. When compared to other cutting processes, laser cutting uses significantly less watts of power to do the same job. In addition, laser cutters are fast, so you don't need to use the machine long to get the cuts you need. This also allows you to use less energy because you don't have to run the machine as long to make the same amount of cuts.

There Is No Direct Contact

One big problem with other types of cutting methods is contact. Direct contact is typically used to cut the metal, but this can affect the quality of the metal. You may have unwanted damage that needs to be repaired before the piece can be used, increasing the overall cost. With laser cutting, the laser doesn't actually touch the metal. Instead, heat is used to make the cut. The laser heats the desired area, which causes the metal to melt. This leaves the rest of the metal untouched, so there is less risk of causing unwanted damage.

It's A Safer Method

Laser cutting is also a safer method than some other metal cutting processes. For starters, because it doesn't actually touch the metal, there is no need to worry about sparks or heated metal hitting you. The laser may sound dangerous because it can cut metal, but it is kept secure in a special box that reduces the risk of injuries or accidents. You'll still need to wear the appropriate protective gear, but with no saw or torch touching the metal, there is much less need to worry about getting hurt.

The Cuts Are Precise

Many manufacturers prefer laser cutting because of its precision, which is much better than other metal cutting methods. It also leaves the edges of the cuts extremely smooth and clean. As a result, you can use laser cutters for smaller, intricate cuts. Plus, because the cuts are smooth, you don't need to worry about smoothing them out later, so you'll save time and money. Another benefit of precise cuts is that you can start making smaller devices, allowing you to use less material. Laser cutting is so precise, it is even used in the medical field for procedures like laser eye surgery.

The Laser Can Be Used for Many Purposes

Finally, when you get a laser cutter, you can use it for many purposes. For starters, you can cut more than just metal. Laser cutters are also used on diamonds, plastic, wood, glass, etc., making it the perfect solution if you have multiple materials you use. You can also use the laser for other types of cuts, including drilling, engraving, and marking. Finally, you can adjust the intensity and heat of the laser, allowing you to use it in different ways and with other materials.

A laser cutter can drastically improve your manufacturing process by making it faster, cheaper, and more precise. While a laser cutter may be expensive, it is an investment in your business. For more information about laser cutting services, contact companies like Spradlin Bros Welding Co.