Mistakes To Avoid When Polishing The Metal While Finishing Your Fabrication Project

If you have just finished a fabrication project, you may be ready to start putting the final finish on the metal's surface using a polisher. If so, make sure you avoid the following mistakes while polishing the metal to finish your project.

Neglecting to Clean the Metal Before Polishing

As soon as you put the last weld on your project, you may be anxious to start right in with polishing the surface and being finished with it. However, if you jump right in with the polisher and do not prepare the surface by cleaning it first, you will end up ruining the finished.

If any dust, dirt, or metal shavings are still left on the surface, the polish will only make them dig into the metal, leaving scratches and possible dents in your project. Before you polish, use a soft brush to clear away any excess particles, then use a metal cleaner to get rid of any fine residue.

Forgetting to Add a Lubricant to the Surface

Another mistake you should avoid making when polishing the metal is forgetting to add some type of lubricant or polish to the surface before you start using the polisher. And, even if you apply a lubricant, you need to keep adding it while you work.

If you use the polisher on the metal's surface without a lubricating cream or polish, the friction created will heat up the metal. If the metal stays heated, you risk having warps appear in your project, requiring you to either replace the damaged piece or start all over.

Apply Too Much Pressure When Using the Polisher

Even if you have cleaned the metal and applied a lubricating polish, there is one other mistake that you need to avoid making. While using the polisher, make sure you do not apply too much pressure, as you could dig the edges into the metal or wear down parts where you pushed down.

Instead, lightly hold the polisher so that it just comes into contact with the surface. Then, glide it repeatedly over the metal to create a smooth, lustrous shine.

Avoiding the above mistakes while polishing the metal on your fabrication project can help ensure a smooth finish. However, if you are afraid you may ruin your finished product by doing it yourself, contact a metal finishing service to find out what options are available for having them do the task for you.