5 Reasons You Need Epoxy Coatings For Your Tanks

Whatever your business uses tanks for, you need to protect them, so you don't end up wasting money. One of the best ways to do that is with epoxy coatings. Epoxy is created from resin and a hardener to create an extremely strong surface that can protect many materials, such as your tanks.  

Epoxy Offers Better Rust Protection

Rust is always a terrible enemy to metal, and if you have tanks located outside, it can be a serious issue. Even if you use a metal that is not prone to rust or has another weaker protective barrier, rust can still occur. Normal wear and tear and weather can cause scratches that expose the metal, leading to rust. Epoxy coatings are excellent at providing rust protection because they are extremely weather resistant. Epoxy is completely water resistant, so there's no need to fear rust. Plus, it can withstand extremely high temperatures, keeping your tanks safe during the hot summer.

It Makes Cleaning Easy

If you allow your tanks to get grimy, it's likely they'll deteriorate faster. If your coating isn't smooth, cleaning can be difficult. Plus, with weaker coatings, stains can occur if substances soak in. With epoxy coatings, however, you don't have to worry about stains because just about nothing can penetrate the thick, powerful epoxy. Even grease and oil won't stand a chance. Cleaning is also easier. Because epoxy creates a smooth surface, the dirt and dust have no place to hide. You'll be able to keep you tanks nice and shiny to prevent breakdown and contamination.

It's Non-Toxic

So many chemicals used in businesses are toxic and terrible for the environment. Many coatings can cause problems if exposed to heat. They expel dangerous fumes that can affect the air and water or even your own health. However, thanks to epoxy's durability, it doesn't create any dangerous fumes. Epoxy also allows you to use less chemicals overall because it requires fewer recoats than weaker coatings, and you don't' have to use a lot of harsh cleaning chemicals to clean the surface.

The Durability Is Excellent

Another benefit of epoxy coatings is that they make your tanks more durable because the epoxy is so strong. It's even stronger than enamel paint, which is commonly used as a coating because it is so cheap. Unfortunately, while you may save money on the coating, you may spend more on repairs because the paint doesn't provide much protection. For example, if something powerful impacts your tank, the enamel paint will not protect your tank well. The paint may crack, exposing the tank to the elements, or the tank may dent or crack. Epoxy is impact resistant, so even if something hard hits your tank, it may not even cause a scratch in the surface.

Epoxy Withstands Chemicals Well

Strong, corrosive chemicals are a common site in industrial plants and factories. If these come in contact with your tank from cleaning or spills, it can damage your tank. If the chemical is corrosive enough it may even weaken the tank, causing the metal to breakdown. Epoxy is chemical resistant, so even if a spill goes unnoticed for a long time, the epoxy continues to protect your tank, not allowing the chemical to seep in.

Don't neglect your company's tanks. They are an important part of your business, and you need to protect them with some kind of coating. Epoxy coatings are one of the best options because they need to be reapplied less often, and they make your tanks more durable and weather resistant, saving you money on repairs and replacements.  Talk to a professional, such as RSR Industrial Coatings Inc, for more information.