Ready To Get Rid Of Your Junk Car? 4 Tricks To Help You Do It The Right Way

If you've got a junk car that you want to get rid of, but you don't want to take the time to sell it to a private party buyer, it might be time to sell it to a salvage yard. Selling a junk car can be profitable if you know how to do it right. Here are four steps you can take to get the best deal for your junk car:

Don't Try to Sell It Without the Right Paperwork

When you're trying to sell a junk car, the first thing you need to do is gather the necessary documentation. The price you receive for your car will depend on whether, or not you own the car, and whether you have the right paperwork. You'll need to prove that you have a clean title before you get the best price. If you don't have the title on you, it's important that you obtain one from the DMV before you contact salvage yards.

Do Start With an Appraisal

You might be selling your car for a junk, but the price you get can still be adjusted based on its condition. Before you sell your car, you should have it professionally appraised. If your car is in good condition and has little to no body damage, you may be able to get a better offer from the junkyards. Be sure to get the appraisals in writing, and to provide them to the salvage yards when you start shopping around.

Don't Sell to the First Salvage Yard

Once you've gathered your documentation, and you've had your car appraised, you should start calling around to area salvage yards. Just as the proper documentation and the appraisal can get you a better price for your car, so can calling around for estimates. In fact, you may find that each salvage yard will be willing to offer you a different price. It's also a good idea to call salvage yards in different cities.

Do Drive it Yourself If You Can

If your car is still able to be driven, you should take it to the salvage yard for yourself. When cars are in driving condition, they can get a better price. Instead of having your car towed to the salvage yard, drive it yourself. Be sure to bring all of your paperwork with you. That way you can leave the lot with money in your pocket.

Don't leave anything to chance. If you're going to be selling your car to a salvage yard, use the tips provided here to get the best deal. Contact a company like Sikora Metals Inc for more information and assistance.