Land Surveyors And How They Can Help You

When you are buying, selling, or developing land, you have to be sure that the boundaries on the parcel you are dealing with are correct. Hiring a land surveyor to help you map out the property lines and define areas on the parcel that you want to work with is the best way to ensure that everything is correct. In some cases, the boundaries have not been surveyed for years, if at all. The lines on the map don't really mean much if you can't tell where they are on the land or if they are not accurate.

Defining Borders

Often when a piece of land is sold, the boundary lines need to be verified. In some cases, a piece of land that has been in the family for many years may have been sold on a gentleman's handshake and a rough estimation of the properly lines agreed to at the time of the sale. While that worked out fine a hundred years ago, the land will need to be surveyed properly and a drawing made by the surveyor with detailed boundaries and showing features that are on the land. This is the best way to avoid a dispute over where the borders are and clearly defines who owns the land in question.

Locating A Building Site

Another situation that will require a surveyor is the location of a building site on a piece of land. If the developer has a site plan that indicates where roads, buildings, and other features need to be on the land, having a surveyor come in to make all those positions saves a lot of time on the part of the construction crew. If the builder does not have a clear plan to work from, the construction can be delayed while they try to sort out what needs to be built where. In many cases, the architect that is drawing up the site plan will hire the surveyor to help them get the drawings and the plan done with the highest accuracy possible.

Large and Small Projects

Land surveyors can be hired from many different size projects. In some cases, a landscape redesign may involve a surveyor to get the site laid out. Other times a surveyor may work on a large project like a highway construction project where they will have to continually check and recheck the position of the roadbed, the elevations, and ensure the road is being built in the right place. There are many things that a surveyor can be used for and when you have to have a position or location identified without question, you need a trained and experienced surveyor to ensure things are as they appear to be.