The Benefits Of Using A Chemical Metering Pump

Chemical metering pumps, such as an LMI Roytronic Metering Pump from a place like Procom, can be used to dispense chemicals into wastewater to make the water clean, safe, and sanitary. This is an alternative to having employees dump chemicals into the wastewater. If your company has to clean water, you may be wondering what the benefits of a chemical metering pump are and if it is something that may be beneficial for your business. Here are a few of the biggest benefits associated with using a chemical metering pump. 

The Exact Amount of Chemicals Are Released

One of the benefits associated with using a chemical metering pump is that the pump releases the exact amount of chemicals that are needed. When an employee dumps the chemicals by hand, they have to measure out the chemicals that are being distributed in the water. There is always a chance that they add too much or too little. Adding too little can cause the water to not be cleaned, and adding too much can result in the waste of chemicals or water being too chemically-treated. Additionally, a chemical reaction can occur when the wrong amounts of chemicals are mixed together. A pump ensures only the correct amounts of chemicals are released, preventing all of these issues. 

The Chemicals Can Be Released at Different Rates

The second benefit of using a chemical metering pump is that chemicals can be released at different rates. A pump can slowly release chemicals or can release chemicals all at once. A person dumping chemicals into the water cannot take the time to slowly release the chemicals at a per minute rate. A pump can do just this, which helps to regular the amount of chemicals that are flowing into the wastewater source. 

Limits the Amount of Time Employees Have to Handle Chemicals

The final benefit of using a chemical metering pump is that it limits the amount of exposure and handling that employees have to do with chemicals. Chemicals can cause chemical burns and breathing problems. Employees have to wear proper gear when handling chemicals for this reason. When you use a pump, you significantly limit the amount of chemical handling done by employees, which can reduce injuries and increase employee safety. 

Chemical metering pumps are a safe and exact way to add chemicals to wastewater. This helps to ensure that the water gets the chemicals that are needed, without having too much added. It also helps to keep employees safe. If you clean large amounts of wastewater, it may be a good solution for your business.