Metalworking Fluids 101: An Introduction Of Faqs

Metalworkers rely daily on an array of different fluids to get their jobs done the way they need to and protect the metal pieces and equipment they are using. If you are learning about metalworking processes, you will want to know about the different fluids that are used along the way. Take a look at some of the questions you may have about different metalworking fluids and how they are used in different types of metalworking processes and tasks. 

What are metal forming fluids?

Metal forming oil and fluids are oftentimes referred to stamping fluids or drawing fluids as well. These fluids are oils or lubricants that are used to protect the metal during operations that involve forming the metal. For example, a forming oil may be used during metal stamping processes to protect the metal from having damaged edges because of the heat that can result in the friction of a metal stamp pushing against a metal surface. Metal forming fluid can also be used in things like metal bending and metal stretching processes. 

What are metal corrosion inhibitors?

Some metalworkers use specialized fluids that are specifically designed to combat corrosion during metalworking processes. These fluids contain things like fatty acids and calcium sulfonate, which are both compounds that prevent metal from corroding while it is being worked. For example, a piece of steel may be prone to corrosion when it is exposed to certain elements of a metalworking process, so a fluid containing a fatty acid soap will coat the steel and protect it from becoming corroded during the metalworking process. 

What is a biocide fluid used for?

If a metalworker is using a biocide fluid during a metalworking process, they are using a fluid that will control bacteria and other organisms that may be present on or in the metal. Biocide fluids are commonly used in the production of metal pieces that will be used in something like water treatment or the medical field. Biocide fluid can contain different antimicrobial products and components. 

What is CNC machining fluid?

CNC machining fluid is actually a cooling fluid that is commonly used in metalworking processes. These fluids most often are made up of a combination of water and an emulsifying oil like mineral oil, which combats heat generation that is commonly a result of working with metal machinery and metal pieces. The oils are typically used along with CNC machining tools.