LDPE Tubing: Re-Pumbling Your Commercial Kitchen

If you're planning to remodel your restaurant or commercial kitchen, LDPE tubing products can help you get the job done for less. Here are some of the ways that LDPE tubing can work wonders in a commercial kitchen remodeling project.

Tech and Tubes

LDPE tubing is durable, cost-effective, and customizable. It's also perfect for integrating tech into your new commercial kitchen remodeling projects.

  • Fiber Ready: Today's commercial kitchens need to be compatible with the latest technology. For Internet connectivity, fiber-optic cables consistently deliver more bandwidth and faster Internet signals. LDPE tubing is ideal for housing fiber-optic cable. Commercial kitchens with limited space often add LDPE tubes for fiber-optic cables next to their water lines. Having a licensed plumber add LDPE tubes during the replumbing phase of the remodeling project can reduce labor costs. When choosing LDPE tubes for fiber-optic cables, you should also consult with your internet provider to make sure that the tubes are wide enough to house the cables.
  • Tech Ready: If you aren't considering fiber-optic Internet for your commercial kitchen, you can also use LDPE tubes to house ethernet and phone lines. To make your LDPE tubes more versatile, visit with your contractor to figure out the access points for all of your tech hardware ports. For instance, figuring out where you will locate your Wi-Fi routers can help you situate the starting and ending points for your LDPE tubes.

Food Storage and Delivery

LDPE tubing is constructed out of food-grade plastics. This can allow you to reimagine how you store your ingredients and move them throughout your kitchen.

  • Greased Up: If your commercial kitchen includes a deep fat fryer, LDPE tubing can be used to extract used grease and deliver fresh oil from large storage containers. To make this process possible, you'll need a pump and LDPE tubing rated for higher pressure. In addition to choosing the right pump and LDPE tubing, you might want to consider having your used grease pumped to an oil drum outside.
  • Cleaned Up: If your commercial kitchen utilizes flat top cooking surfaces, you can use LDPE tubing to put your cleaning solutions on tap, above your flat tops. When choosing LDPE tubing for this purpose you'll need to choose heat and chemical-resistant plastics. Make sure that your remodeling contractor pays close attention to the LDPE tube products they order for the specific needs of each line they run.

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